The Return of the Apron

The Return of the Apron

                                               The Return of the Apron

Do you remember your mother wearing a apron?  I don’t remember mine ever wearing one but then again she wasn’t much for cooking or cleaning.  I do however remember both my grandmothers wearing an apron all the time.  At least while they were in the house.

The main purpose of our grandma’s apron was to protect the dress she had on underneath.  Since she only had a few it was easier to wash the apron than her dresses.

I think when most people think of aprons, they think of the typical 1950’s housewife donning the apron.  I always think of June Cleaver in her high heel, pearls and nice dress wearing an apron doing her everyday cooking and cleaning.  Even through the 60’s aprons reigned as a must wear in the kitchen a “Badge of Honor” indicating how hard mom toiled over a hot stove, day in and day out, to prepare meals. Straight from the kitchen a true symbol of mom’s love.

However as we were saying good-bye to the 60’s and hello to the 70’s habits changed, Aprons lost their important spot in the home.  But these days they’re back and more stylish than ever.

Some say the apron’ s renewed popularity stems from a growing intrest in domesticity by a generation of young women who grew up in homes where mom was working rather than waiting at the door with milk and cookies.  This is the generation who has brought back canning.  Others believe it’s a love affair with nostalgia, fueled by retro shows such as Mad Men and all those 50’s and 60’s programs we love to watch and rewatch thanks to TV Land.


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